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Project : SYNCRO

One day I was need to purchase equipment that would allow me to control the screens in the hall and moving heads on the ceiling to music. I was looking for such a device, but I couldn't find it. What I found was either only for video or for moving heads and all this was not of high quality. Then I decided to develop and assemble such a device myself, as I am a microelectronics engineer and programmer in C++. For more than a year I have been developing this device, five different versions were collected and eventually a stable copy was obtained and tested. This turned out to be a device that can replace for musician of many people who were needed to control light and video effects. The device uses the most modern technologies in sound visualization. This is not just a device, it is a specialized computer system with artificial intelligence with the possibility of training for the purpose of dynamic recognition of music samples and automatic visualization using images and lighting devices using the DMX protocol. The device can work both in fully automatic mode and in the mode of playback of already recorded videos and light compositions tied to certain songs (concert mode is necessary for those who perform on stage). The name of the device is Syncro.

Introducing "Syncro" - a groundbreaking device that transforms the way we experience music by merging captivating visualizations with dynamic light control through the DMX interface. The name "Syncro" embodies its core attributes: Sound, Yield, Harmony, Tempo, and Mix. 


Powered by a sophisticated multi-processor system, Syncro ensures unparalleled performance and responsiveness to sound. Featuring a diverse range of processors including a quad-core ARM processor, dual-core processors, a hexa-core ARM processor, and an NVIDIA GPU equipped with 1000 CUDA cores and 32 tensor cores, Syncro leverages cutting-edge technology to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence for innovative sound-to-image and light conversion capabilities.


With its graphics core delivering over 100 TOPS performance, Syncro empowers users to craft intricate and immersive 3D dynamic images with a stunning refresh rate of up to 120fps. This visionary device represents the pinnacle of audiovisual innovation, offering unmatched sound visualization quality through the synergy of artificial intelligence and high-performance computing systems.


In next video, one of the next operating modes of our device will demonstrated. In this mode, images on the screen dynamically change with a color carrier replacement synchronized to the music based on selected signal frequencies. Artificial intelligence is used to analyze the frequency spectrum of the audio signal and make decisions to control the lighting fixtures via the DMX interface. In this case, we are using the CHAUVET SR-140 moving heads by Chauvet Lighting, which we believe are among the most advanced devices in the world. In the upcoming videos, we will showcase two more operating modes with videos and shaders, which require very high computational power. We will also demonstrate the so-called concert mode of operation.

We continue to do our work and prepare our device for production on an industrial scale and are looking for an investor.
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