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Development,construction and launch of restaurants

Developing, constructing, and launching a restaurant involves several key steps. Our company would start by conceptualizing the restaurant, deciding on the type of cuisine, ambiance, decor, and target audience. We would then scout for the most suitable location, design the layout, obtain permits and licenses, hire and train staff, and create a marketing plan. Finally, we would launch the restaurant and manage ongoing operations like menu development, inventory management, staffing, customer service, and marketing. Our focus would be on providing a memorable dining experience, ensuring customer satisfaction, and creating a profitable and successful restaurant.

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Askaneli Restaurant

Franchising the Askaneli Restaurant would involve offering the brand and business model to potential franchisees in exchange for an initial fee and ongoing royalties. Franchisees would receive training and support in areas such as menu development, operations, marketing, and staffing. They would be required to adhere to the Askaneli Restaurant's standards and guidelines to ensure consistency across all locations. It enable entrepreneurs to own and operate their own restaurant while leveraging the brand recognition and support of the Askaneli Restaurant.

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Restaurant business management

Restaurant business management by our company would involve menu development, inventory management, staff management, marketing and promotions, financial management, quality control, and technology integration. These key aspects ensure that your restaurant offers unique and enticing dishes, manages inventory effectively, hires and trains staff to provide excellent customer service, executes effective marketing campaigns, manages finances efficiently, maintains high standards of food quality and service, and implements technology solutions to improve customer experience. By prioritizing these areas, our company can create a successful and profitable restaurant that stands out in a competitive market and ensures customer satisfaction. All this will allow you to profit from the work of your restaurant.

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We are a young and purposeful team that was formed in 2021 and considers the development of the national restaurant business based on our skills, experience and capabilities as its priority. We purposefully strive to bring new standards to the American restaurant business, improve what has already happened and develop what we offer - a network of quality luxury restaurants that, in our opinion, can change for the better and multiply the restaurant business of the United States of America. After all, this business segment is almost the face of this Great country and almost every visitor begins their acquaintance with the United States from the restaurant.That is, in other words, we want to globally improve the country's restaurant business, bring new standards and centuries-old culture of Ukraine and Georgia.






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