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History of Askaneli wines

Askaneli Brothers started in the village Askana in the region of Guria west Georgia near the Black Sea. It is interestingly to note, that even the name of the village is related to the activities of Askaneli since the son of Aeneas descendant of Dionysus was called Ascanius. Legend would have been just a good story if not for the great grandfather of the Askaneli’s, Anthimoz Chkhaidze. There in the winery vault built by him lays a pitcher dated 1880. 20 years ago, the brothers went back to the activities of their ancestors and founded Askaneli Brothers Winery.


Besides the production of wine the company is committed to investing and preserving the Georgian wine culture. Askaneli Brothers own wineries in Kakheti (Eastern Georgia) – in Guria (Western Georgia). Preserving one of the most unique species of wine called Chkhaveri is just one effort of the Askaneli Brothers. Askaneli Brothers company produces wine, brandy, fruit distillate and chacha.

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